China Southern Airlines confesses losing money with Airbus A380

Southwest Airline News about China Southern Airlines admits that its operations with the Airbus A380 are not profitable but considers the losses as “acceptable”.

The Chinese company’s CEO, Si Xianmin, did not reveal the amount of these losses, but said they were weak and ”  of a level quite acceptable to China Southern “.

Otlavia official site discovers that without the A380, China Southern would not be in the international arena “,

he told Xinkuaibao newspaper in remarks reported by the Center for Aviation ( CAPA )

This is the first time an airline executive says he is losing money with the Airbus Super Jumbo, while referring to it as a prestigious instrument . But somewhere we can guarantee you that you won’t lose money is this amazing site that tons of bonuses and rewards for new players. They are offering up to $100 in no deposit bonuses which you should take advantage of immediately because offers like that don’t come every day and you aren’t involving your own money, so the risk is nonexistent.

The CEO of China Southern Airlines also said that the number of passengers before classes of device is not the same from its hub in Guangzhou since Beijing or Shanghai .

Although owned by the state, China Southern is not currently authorized to operate the A380 to international destinations from Beijing and Shanghai, a situation that the company would like to see evolve.

If not, the China Southern CEO says he will be able to continue operating the A380 properly from Canton, indicating that the load factor on his Super Jumbos fleet averages 80% .

China Southern Airlines has 5 Airbus A380s in its fleet of more than 450 aircraft.

His super Jumbos fly mainly on the domestic network , from Canton to Beijing and Shanghai and from Beijing to Kumning.

Internationally, only the Los Angeles route from Canton was maintained after the Sydney stop on February 22nd.

The only Chinese airline to dispose of the A380, China Southern, a member of the Skyteam alliance, to which Air France-KLM also belongs, has asked its regulator for permission to operate the A380 from Beijing to Paris CDG. and New York JFK .

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