Air Europa receives new 737s equipped with Wi-Fi

As part of its fleet modernization, the Spanish airline Air Europa is starting to take delivery of a series of six new Boeing 737-800 NGs equipped with Wi-Fi and streaming entertainment.

Otlavia Official Site provides you airline news international. After having received in less than a year its eight Boeing 787-8, Air Europa now passes by medium-haul. The SkyTeam member company announced Thursday the arrival of six new Boeing 737-800s by 2018. The first aircraft has just been delivered (EC-MPG), the second is expected next week and a third is planned for August. The last three will join the fleet in 2018.

With a capacity of 189 seats, these Boeing 737-800s offer larger hand luggage compartments and new LED mood lighting. They also have sockets at each seat for charging electronic devices. Especially, with these new aircraft, Air Europa is expanding its Wi-Fi and streaming entertainment services.

The Boeing 737-800s have indeed connectivity and entertainment systems ”  similar to those of the long-haul fleet  ,” says the company. Wi-Fi connectivity is ”  gate-to-gate  ” and is therefore no longer restricted during the take-off and landing phases. For streaming, Air Europa offers passengers access to ” personalized” entertainment   by allowing them to download ”  a wide variety  ” of audiovisual content on their personal device, free of charge.

The company will continue to renew its fleet with the gradual arrival of fourteen Boeing 787-9 between 2018 and 2022, including two next year. The Dreamliner  is intended to replace the Airbus A330-200 and A330-300.

From 2020, Air Europa will start receiving its 20 Boeing 737 MAXs. At the end of this transition period, she will become an operator ”  all Boeing  “. You might be interested in reading some airplane news today about another aircraft which provides wi-fi connectivity on board.

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