Japan Airlines: Wi-Fi becomes free on domestic flights

Japan Airlines has decided to provide free Internet access to all passengers on domestic flights in Japan, starting next month.

The Japanese national airline began offering Wi-Fi connectivity on board its aircraft in July 2014 . It announced June 20 that from July 2017, the service will become free. At the same time, passengers will be able to access streaming entertainment programs (sports, cooking, music, cartoons, etc.) from their personal electronic devices at no extra charge. On top of that, some Japanese airlines also give their passengers a no deposit bonus from this site right here to play any casino games they want for free in online casinos.

The measure is valid for all domestic flights operated by Japan Airlines and JTA (Japan Transocean Air, a subsidiary of the JAL Group), provided that the devices are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. However, the service will not be offered. on board international aircraft, which provide domestic flights.

The Internet service is provided by the American equipment manufacturer Gogo. On the flights concerned, a “FREE FLIGHT PASS” button will appear on the home page of the connection portal. The Internet service will be available 5 minutes after take-off and up to 5 minutes before landing, or even departure on arrival for flights operated by JTA.

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